One game above all others dominates the landscape when it comes . This one game is pretty easy to identify as well, as most casinos usually have hundreds of them plastered all over their site. The game is, quite predictably, online slots, and players in the UK can’t seem to get enough of them!

If you’re heading to the slots section of an online casino for the first time, though, you might be confused by the massive number of different options open to you. There’s good news, as while the themes differ, the majority of slots function in pretty much the same way.

This article will let all UK players understand exactly , give to improve the chances of winning, and reveal what .

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The Different Types of Slots in the UK

As already mentioned, all slots look different, so you could be forgiven for thinking that every slot has its own rules and specific gameplay. You’d be wrong. Themes do change, and bonus rounds are different, however 99 percent of slots can be put into three different categories. By understanding which type of slot you’ve played before, you’ll easily be able to find other slots with similar rules and gameplay.

The first type of online slot to know about is the , which is the most commonly found. These are the typical online slot, and generally have five reels and 10 to 50 paylines.

They include wild symbols, scatter symbols and some great bonus games, plus you always know what you could win, thanks to the paytable, which is set in stone. What’s more, they also exhibit some of the very best graphics around, and some even come complete with stunning 3D animations.

If you’re looking to get started in the world of online slots, video slots are probably the best place to begin. If you want a great example of modern and engaging video slots, have a look at and .

Next up are , and these are the easiest of all slots games – however they are also the most basic, which will cause many to become bored with them quickly. Of course, other players will absolutely love them though, as they hark back to the golden age of slot machines, when it was simply a case of spinning the reels and seeing what you win.

The majority of classic slots have no bonus games and only a few paylines, however some do have progressive jackpots (see the next paragraph). The graphics are usually more rudimentary than video slots, as the developers look to create a retro vibe within the game.

Finally, there are , and these are the slots played by those looking to land the largest wins. While other slots have jackpots that are set in stone, the jackpots at progressive slots keep on going up as more players play them. This means that they can often reach millions of pounds.

There is a slight catch, though, as most progressive slots require players to bet pretty high amounts in order to have a chance of winning the jackpot, so progressive machines might not be the best choice for the beginner.

What are the Best Slots in the UK?

There are thousands of slots available to players in the UK, and everyone will have their favourites. Of course, some slots are more popular than others though, and some of the most commonly played in the UK include:

  • . This has a great theme, and also consistently offers the highest progressive jackpot around. .
  • . This is a great slot from BetSoft, and features amazing 3D graphics, as well as some great bonus rounds. .
  • Major Millions. This is perhaps the most commonly played classic slot, and it also comes with the advantage of having a progressive jackpot. .
  • . The hilarious group of friends from South Park have transitioned well into slot form, and this is one of the funniest slots around. .
  • . This is another slot with amazing graphics, which sees you helping a conquistador on his search for treasure. .

How to Start Playing Online Slots

So, now you know about the different types of online slots out there, how can you go about getting started with them? Well, the first thing to do is choose the slot that appeals to you most, by looking at the different themes. Themes are actually incredibly important, as they ensure that you stay interested in the slot for a while.

If you are interested in history, why not choose the Gladiator slot? Or if you have an interest in comedy, why not try South Park or ? Spend some time looking through the different slots, and work out which is best for you.Next, you’ll have a couple of decisions to make. The first of these revolves around how many paylines you want to play. The paylines are essentially the lines that symbols can line up on in order to provide a prize, and most slots will allow you to select how many to use (although some are fixed, meaning you have to play them all).When choosing how many paylines to play, you need to remember this though: more paylines will lead to more chances for you to spin in a win, but it will also mean that each spin is a more expensive one. So, you need to balance your choice based on your own circumstances.You can then choose how much to bet, and this is usually displayed per payline. So, if you choose to bet 10p on each payline, and have 20 paylines active, your total bet for the spin will be £2. Some fixed payline machines allow you to simply choose a total bet amount though. But how does the bet amount affect the gameplay? Well, most slots offer prizes as a multiple of your bet per payline. So, if a prize was worth 5000x and you bet 10p per payline, you’d win £500. So, this means that it’s clearly the case that larger bets lead to larger wins.

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It’s important to mention something about progressive jackpots here, and it is this: most progressive slots will require you to play the maximum number of paylines and bet the maximum amount if you want to win it. Therefore, when playing at a progressive slot, it is best to do so – but only if you can afford it.

Now you’ve made your initial choices, it’s time to get those reels spinning. Once they stop, you’ll find out what you’ve won, or whether you’ve activated any of the slot’s bonuses. For more information on the bonuses, simply check the rules of the slot you’re playing at. Once the turn is finished, you simply start the whole process over again, and hope that your next spin will bring the jackpot!

Some Tips for UK Online Slots

Slots are, on the whole, completely random. This means that there’s not much you can do in order to ensure you come out with a profit. That being said, there are a few tips to follow to ensure that you have the best time possible, and these are:

  • Always play at the highest stakes you can afford, as this will lead to the best prizes. Never overstretch yourself though, as online gambling isn’t worth getting into financial problems over.
  • Don’t play too quickly, but instead take your time and learn how the slot machine works. This will lead to you having a better understanding, as well as you spending less money in a session.
  • Switch between different slots regularly, as this will ensure that you’re always enjoying yourself. The only time to stick with a slot is when you’re on a winning streak.
  • Use all of the bonuses on offer at online casinos, as these will lead to extra money for you to play with, not just on slots, but on the other games at the online casino as well.
  • Have fun! Slots are supposed to be enjoyable, so if you find that you aren’t having the fun you expected, why not try a different game instead, such as roulette or video poker?

Which UK Sites Have the Best Slots?

If it’s only slots you’re looking for, you’ll find that nearly every UK casino offers a great selection of them. This is because online casinos know that they are perhaps the most important part of a site, and they are therefore the first thing most sites try to get right. To get you started though, why not try , , or ? This is because they are the top rated casino here on , and we know that they’ll provide everything you could possibly need – including nice bonuses and great customer service.

Don’t forget that nothing stops you from signing up with more than one online casino, meaning that you can choose from the biggest selection of online slots possible. It also means that you can benefit from multiple great bonuses, thus increasing your bankroll massively.

This is a tactic used by many serious gamblers, however it can – and should – easily be used by recreational gamblers as well. Surprisingly, slots can teach you more about strategies in games such as blackjack, poker, etc.
Of course, it is entirely up to you which online casino to choose though, and you’ll find a great article about it on this site, entitled ““. Why not give it a read right now?