How to Win The Biggest Jackpot in Online Bingo

Win a huge bingo prize

Size matters. If you are serious about your success, look no further than the online bingo room with the biggest jackpot. Don’t trust those who say that online bingo is only about fun and that you shouldn’t dream big when you log into your favorite bingo site. Of course, money isn’t the only reason you should turn your computer on and play – buy isn’t a big win a lot funnier than a big loss?

Think about Jon Orchard. Back in 2012, this sixty-year-old grandfather of three from Long Sutton, Lincolnshire, changed his life forever after he won the biggest jackpot in the history of online bingo.

Not only Orchard’s 30p bet allowed him to put £5.9million into his bank account, but he was also able to leave his job as a factory worker, trade his Renault Clio for a £40,000 Jaguar XF and invest in a new house for his family – all thanks to a lucky game.

Can One Online Bingo Jackpot Change Your Life?

Win a huge bingo prize
Of course, this is not as easy as it sounds. One doesn’t simply open a free account and make a tiny deposit to win millions. It takes more than that. The first time I played online bingo, I didn’t realize this. Keep in mind that despite moth casino games have some math behind them, when it comes to lottery and bingo – it’s pure luck. I picked what a site told me was the best bingo room at that time, I opened an account, and I gave the cheapest games a shot.

Fun rapidly turned into frustration and despite I did manage to win some games – I wasn’t able to get out from the red. The more I played, the more I lost. I hated that.

What did Greece’s 36-year old Georgios M. do to win €6.3million back in 2009? How did Soraya Lowell leave the room £1.2million richer after a quick game?

Jon, Georgios, and Soraya are real people like me and you. They are not fairy tales created to entice wannabe punters: they are real people who happened to be in the right place at the right time – and to play exactly the right game. I wanted that too.

How Did They Know Where to Find The Biggest Online Bingo Jackpot?

Have they all been just lucky? Did they bump into a life-changing win while they were simply looking for some online fun? Or did they do something most of us don’t know, something that could change your bingo games forever?To know more about this, I reached out to Martin P., a Swedish professional photographer who is equally famous for his talent behind the camera and his online successes.

As the consumed and experienced professional gambler he is, Martin knows that you can’t go too far is luck is not on your side. “Let’s be real, you need to be disgustingly lucky to win millions at bingo. This, however, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t help luck find you.”

“Only losers wait for luck to find them. People like Jon, Georgios, Soraya, myself, and many others who proudly call themselves successful gamblers know that. Luck is hard to come by when you look for it – imagine when you don’t!

According to Martin, these are the three most important points all the biggest winners in online bingo have in common:

  1. They know where to play
  2. They know when to play
  3. They know what to play

“If you want to win the biggest jackpot in online bingo, you need to look for it and learn casino math. You can’t pretend to play random games and then discover that you just won 10 million dollars. That’s plain stupid.”

1. Where to Play?

Only a big site can give you big prizes. Bingo is a serious business, and when a bingo room decides to pay out millions in cash, it’s because they are already earning more than that.Avoid small sites. While they may promise you great wins, small sites will never be able to pay six- or seven-figure prizes, as this would force them to shut down.Earlier this month, we had a look at . Have a look at it, go through the names on the list, and make sure you don’t go for bingo sites that are not mentioned in that article. If you are serious about your fun, those are the only sites you should play at.

2. When to Play?

In case you missed it, have a look at – there, you can see why professional bingo players believe that you should never play online bingo games on weekends.

It’s not that online bingo’s biggest jackpots are not available on Saturdays and Sundays too – it’s just the competition is so intense during those days that it’s pointless to play if you want to win some money.

3. What to Play?

So, the real question is: how much money do you want to win? If you are in it for pennies, you don’t need to spend too much time looking for the right room and the richest games: you can pick any random bingo site and go for any of the games offered on their platform.If you are into big wins and you want to be the next name associated to the largest progressive jackpot in online bingo, have a look at the sites below. Remember: if you want to win big, you need to know where to play – and these are the rooms with the biggest prizes.1. PaddyPower The number of big bingo jackpots available at is quite amazing. At the time of writing, PaddyPower features bingo jackpots for more than £14,000,000.The top 5 jackpots at PaddyPower Bingo are:

Game Jackpot Play
Cleopatra’s Chest £2,021,822
Chests of Plenty £1,258,432
Big Top Tombola £1,069,135
1 Million £1,000,000
Fairest of Them All £686,639