Top 10 Most Popular Video Slot Machine Games

Popular slots

If you are bored of the video slots you are playing and looking to try a new one out for the first time, why not try one of the slots that many other aficionados are enjoying.

We have put together a list featuring the ten most popular video slots out there. While which slot you choose comes down to personal taste, we bet that you find at least a few on this list right up your alley! You can check them all out for free to see how much you like them before testing your luck for real money.

Popular slots

1. Lord of the Rings

If you love the Oscar award-winning movie, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring™, you will undoubtedly join those that absolutely love the Lord of the Rings video slot. This amazing slot features great graphics to get you in the LOTR spirit and even enables clips from the actual movie in the background behind the reels during spins.

This slot has tons of action with 5-reels and 243-lines giving you tons of chances to win on each and every spin. What keeps people playing is not only the big money to be won, but the movie clips that pop up each time you hit a winning combination.

Perhaps the most lucrative aspect of this game is triggering the bonus game, since doing so will reward you with 15 free spins. The rewards in this free spin bonus game can theoretically be endless since every time you match three scatter icons on one spin, your free spin balance will be reset to another 15 free spins.

The Lord of the Rings video slot is powered by Microgaming and you can play it at and .

2. A Night Out

The A Night Out video slot allows you to immerse yourself out on the town while relaxing in the comfort of your own home. This 5-reel, 20-line video slot machine features a Pint of Beer as a wild symbol, a Bartender as a bonus symbol, and a Woman on the Dance Floor as a scatter symbol which also acts as a multiplier.The main attraction of this video slot is to hit the Dollar Ball Jackpot where you are asked to choose five numbers. Each time a number is matched in a spin, you will find yourself a little richer. Match all five numbers and you will find yourself winning a handsome jackpot!

The A Night Out video slot is powered by Playtech and you can play it at , , and .

3. Beach Life

No matter what time of year, the Beach Life video slot is one of the most popular video slots around. This slot allows you to win huge life-changing money while making you feel like you are basking in the sun when in fact you are playing from the comforts of you own home.The main reason this slot is the most popular isn’t the simple graphics or fun atmosphere, but the chance to make yourself filthy rich. The progressive jackpot has been known to exceed $2 million and is currently around $1 million now! Wouldn’t you like to get your hands and see how your life changes.The Beach Life video slot is powered by Playtech and you can play it at , , and .

4. Fantastic Four

Fans of the marvel comic and movie, Fanastic Four, absolutely love the the Fantastic Four video slot since the superb graphics make you feel part of the action. This game features all the best characters of the comic book including Mr Fantastic, the Human Torch, The Thing, and the Invisible Woman.Each of these four characters in this 5-reel 50-line video slot add tons of excitement and can trigger a fun mini-game where you can win a bit more cash than in the normal mode of the game. There is not wonder why this slot has been known to reward many over the years and has been on many player’s top list of favorite games since it has been released.The Fantastic Four video slot is powered by Playtech and you can play it at , , and .

5. Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk has been entertaining many for decades via the popular comic books, tv shows, and the movie. video slot brings you a chance to become Bruce Banner and release your inner rage.This 5-reel 50-line slot machine not only allows you to rage until your heart is delighted, but also has many rewards while providing you exciting video clips of the blockbuster movie, The Hulk.One of the best features of this game is the lucrative Smash Bonus round which can be triggered by finding just one Smash Bonus symbol. The goal of the Smash Bonus round is to destroy seven police cars since doing so will reward you with seven great cash prizes.The Incredible Hulk video slot is powered by Playtech and you can play it at ,  and .

6. Aliens

The and has also quickly become one of the most popular games for good reason. First of all, this slot returns an amazing 96.4% and pays out almost 1 out of every 4 spins (24.6%).The main reason people keep coming back to this online slot machine is the amazing 3D graphics. The game features three different levels, each with different objectives, which can’t help but make you think you are hunting aliens just like in the 20th Century Fox blockbuster movie.The object of the game is to work your way to Level 3 otherwise known as The Hive is to kill the queen alien to collect 240 X your bet. Even if you can’t kill the queen, there are plenty of other ways to accumulate cash while trying.The Aliens video slot is powered by NetEnt and you can play it at .

7. South Park

The video slot features all the main characters of the popular tv show and movie South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut.The South Park video slot is more like an arcade game when compared to most video slots. Unlike the tv show or the movie, this game allows you to actually control some of characters’ behavior and even have control of saving Kenny’s life in a special bonus round.This game can not only make you laugh like you would expect anything South Park related, but can make your bank account see balances you never thought were possible. This 5-reel 25-line slot can not only reward you quickly with wins up to 1,250,000 coins, but also reward handsomely via randomly triggered mini games, wild cards, and bonus games.The South Park video slot is powered by NetEnt and you can play it at .

8. Gladiator

The video slot transports you back in time to when the Emperors reigned supreme just like the the cult classic movie. This 5-reels 25-line slot features all your favorite characters including Maximus, Emperor Aurelius, Emperor Commodus, Senator Gracchus, Lucilla and Juba. Did we mention that Maximus is represented by none other than Russel Crowe?The great graphics and game play keep many players coming back for more. It also does hurt that there is a progressive jackpot that can change just about anyone’s life and is currently over $1,000,000!The Gladiator video slot is powered by Playtech and you can play it at , , and .

9. The Dark Knight Rises

video slot is (surprise, surprise) based off the popular blockbuster film bearing the same name. This action packed game gives you the chance to save Gotham City from the evil Bane while spinning away for big money at the same time. If you don’t like the idea of being the good guy, you can choose to channel your inner evil and become Bane while attempting to destroy Gothem City.Besides the endless entertainment this game provide, you will also find many chances to win. The likelihood of winning something on this slot on any particular spin is decent since it features 5-reels and 243-paylines.The Dark Knight Rises video slot is powered by Microgaming and you can play it at and .

10. Pamplona

Pamplona is one of the newer video slots available and has quickly had its way to the top ten most popular video slots. As you might have guessed, this slot brings to life one of Spain’s most famous events: Pamplona’s San Fermin Festival. Rather than risk you life by coming face to face with an angry Spanish bull, you can sit back and relax in the safety of your own home with this popular video slot while experiencing one of Europe’s most well-known events through the game instead.This slot features more chances than any of the others on the top ten list feature 5-lines and 1,024 chances to win on every spin and your chances are increased for big bucks with wild cards, bonus rounds and free spins! This game also allows you to partially control your own destiny since you can decide what your own “El Toro” bonus will be.