The 10 Best Super Heroes Slots of 2018

Superheroes Super Slots

Comic books were the main form of entertainment for kids long before television and the internet could even be imagined. They gave the writer freedom to let his imagination lead the pen and create new mysterious worlds with heroes and villains in the constant battle between good and evil.

Since most of the superheroes we know today from the blockbuster movies originated from the comic books, it’s no wonder why there are so many video slot games online with this theme.

Whether it’s Marvel, DC Comics or just an anonymous work of imagination, the comic books are an inspiration for many top-of-the-line slot games in the online gambling industry.

Without them we wouldn’t have the great Marvel Jackpots collection or the Justice League heroes slot games today. Here is a list of some of our favorite , inspired by super heroes and comic books.

Superheroes Super Slots

Iron Man 3

Tony Stark once again takes to the sky in his Iron Man suit to fight of an old rival by the name of Aldrich Killian. The Iron Man 3 video slot game sequel takes on a whole new design and visual details, complemented with a wide array of excellent bonus features.

Unite Iron Man, War machine and the Iron Patriot to trigger the All Systems Go Re-Spin feature or choose one of the free spins mode when 3 or more scatters hit the reels.

Captain America is the nation favorite hero reflecting all the virtues a home boy hero needs to have; great looks, bravery without limits and the will to battle the injustice in the world.

The gameplay takes you to the base of the mastermind behind Adolf Hitler’s mega weapons where Captain America will need your help to win additional bonus features. Whether you trigger the Villain or Hero Super Spins you will also get extra free spins, expanding wilds, extra multipliers or re-triggers.

The world as we know it has changed dramatically taking the mankind to the next level of evolution, the Mutants. These freaks of nature have powers no ordinary human will ever have and some of them are using them to dominate the world. Divided by heroes and villains, X-Men will keep your adrenaline pumping as you can win an unlimited amount of free spins during the bonus feature.

A hero or a vigilante? The life story behind the Punisher character can be relived in the comic books franchise or seen on the movie set of the Punisher Blockbuster. The action in the game unleashes the wrath of punisher passing judgment and sentence to the villains. Collect 4 skulls under each reel to trigger the free spins bonus where you will have doubled payouts, extra wilds and extra free spins for any additional skull that lands on the reels.

Peter Parker may look like a shy, weak youngster in his everyday life, but once the Spiderman mask comes on you don’t want to get caught on the wrong side of the law. Many villains have tried and failed to take down this hero, but now he faces the biggest one of them all, the Green Goblin. The battle takes place all over the city and the big choice of bonus features only increases the tension. Who will prevail in the end depends only on you.

Jack Hammer 2 takes you back to the age of the mob and their operations throughout the city peers. Don Crabby has set his eyes on the dazzling lounge singer and he will do anything to get her attention. As with all thugs if nothing else works force is used and the girl gets kidnapped and taken to Don Crabbys secret hideout. Luckily Jack Hammer is there to save the day and set the broad free.

South Park is an all-time favorite cartoon TV show which has many loyal viewers around the world. If you like dirty language, sarcasm and dark humor, South Park is the place to be. In this game we can see our favorite characters Kenny, Cartman, Kyle, and Stan in their everyday misfits. This is one slot that will keep you entertained for hours and hours, thanks to the many bonus features it has to offer.

Hitman is a very famous title in the entertainment industry where Agent 47 can be seen as the star actor of the Hitman blockbuster movie, the great PC video game and on the reels in all Microgaming casinos. There’s nothing sweet about this slot, except the potential payouts. Agent 47 does what he does best, kill everyone that has a hit on their head. Players can hit massive payouts thanks to the three bonus rounds the game offers, Contract, Insignia and free spins.

I am the law! That’s right Dredd is the law and nobody is above the law in his book. Don’t try to run from the law as the Judge will hunt you down and sentence you on site. This is one slot where you will keep spinning the reels in one breath as Judge Dredd can come out after any spin and award you a prize. Strike 3 badges on the screen and get sentenced to 10 free spins with an increased Dredd Wild action on the reels and big payouts from 5 of a kind combinations.

South Park takes on a different look as our goofy looking locals take on special powers turning them to villains and heroes. But despite the changed costumes the foul language and jokes are still the same, reminding us who the characters behind the masks are. Kenny, Cartman, Kyle, and Stan are still the main symbols of the game but this time each one with his own special feature and powers. It all comes down to the last fight with Professor Chaos where the winner takes all and the loser goes home broke.