North Weald Airfield

In 1916 North Weald’s first unit fought against the Zeppelins raiding London in the First World War, 100 years later the airfield continues to thrive!


Epping Forest District Council bought North Weald Airfield from the MOD in 1979. Since then it has been used not only for aviation, but many leisure activities as well, and is a focus for the local community.

In September 2012 a working party from the Royal Norwegian Air Force helped to complete the restoration of one of the wartime revetments next to The Squadron. This included the installation of a special mountain stone memorial, which remembers the sacrifice of young Norwegians from both Squadrons in World War 2.

It is known as Little Norway, while the bar at The Squadron was renamed the Norwegian Wing.

The Herts Air Ambulance is based at North Weald, carrying out life-saving flights 7 days a week, relying on public donations to maintain its vital service.

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