Lots of amazing people have contributed to North Weald Airfields success over it’s 100 years.


Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNorAF)

Colonel Aage Lyder Longva is the RNorAF Chief of Air Staff. He is a former squadron commander of 332 squadron and is currently Base Commander at Oerland Main Air Station. He has had a close relationship with the North Weald community for many years.

Major General [R] Wilhelm Mohr flew from RAF North Weald in WW2. He is seen as the Father of the RNorAF. He represents Norway at many international and national events.

Col [R] Knut Fossum is a Cold War veteran who flew Hunters with the RAF. He is Secretary of the Norwegian Branch of the Royal Air Forces Association and played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this and previous visits by our Norwegian friends.

Royal Air Force (RAF)

Air Commodore Roger Topp AFC is a former commander of 111 Squadron, renowned as the RAF’S Black Arrows Display Team. His distinguished RAF career spanned late WW2 and the Cold War that followed. He has been awarded 2 Air Force Crosses.

Wing Commander Tom Neil DFC AFC is the last surviving Battle of Britain Ace, pilot of the airfields gate guardian, veteran of battle of Malta, and was awarded 2 Distinguished Flying Crosses. He is currently President of Battle of Britain Fighter pilots Association.

North Weald Airfield

Darrel Briggs was dispatch rider at North Weald in the Battle of Britain.

Keneth Beard was ground crew in 1941 with Eagle Squadron.

Doris Holden, a North Weald resident was stationed on the airfield on 1940/41.